Creating an offer – key points

Usually there is no way to get a (larger) order without an offer. Although these can also be submitted orally, it is advisable to do so in writing, because this way it is possible to prove beyond doubt what was offered and at what price.

Costs of an offer

No costs may be invoiced for an offer if it has not been pointed out or if the collection of costs for the preparation of an offer is not customary in the industry or if no implicit obligation to pay costs must be assumed. Especially in the case of quotations for repair orders […] Read more

Welcome to our new Blog!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our new blog. Apart from the facts, we host it ourselves in Switzerland, there’s a new feature allowing you to comment or discuss blog posts. Subject-wise, we will not only post articles covering news about smallinvoice, but articles that cover subjects like invoicing or small company business in general.

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